Monday, November 17, 2008

Lost Its Mate

This happy-go-lucky sock has lost its mate.

If no other frogs are available, she is open to exploring her horizons, such as a relationship with some lizards, salamanders, or hedgehogs.
No (miserable) toads need apply.

What's hot and what's not:

  • Hot: casual nights on the carpet, gentle wash cycle
  • Not: day in a construction boot, men's feet, stored too close to underwear

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Lonely and lost

This was a special pair, created for pedicures. This sock's mate had an unfortunate foot phobia, coupled with the shame of the dirty mate here. The mate has disappeared and not been heard from since.
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Family in search of a new mother

This was a picture perfect family. A young couple chose to adopt a pair of anklets (ignoring the color difference), and what happens? The mother runs away with a tube sock!

Help this family find a loving mother to step in and provide the love and support they all need.
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Slightly Irregular

This is a couple that looks like it would be really happy. Until you take a closer look.

The same color, same size, same stretchiness, but yet - one is ribbed and one is not.

They are very uncomfortable, and wish to find another couple to "mate swap", or perhaps a chance to join a loving family.
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Nervous Nilly

Here we have a gorgeous, shimmery, silver sock, with an unfortunate habit of tying itself in knots when nervous.
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Looking for answers

This guy is very confused. He doesn't know if he needs a friend, a mate, or a psychiatrist.

Is he a sock? Is he a slipper? It's a split personality that is leading him into a downward spiral of depression and despair.

Downtrodden and insecure

This poor sock has been sorely abused, and left with a very fragile ego. All this sock wants to do is find a mate who will give it the love and support it desperately needs. All colors, sizes, and decor is welcome.